The WAC-07 is intended to to interface an existing nurse call system to a number of Bestlite message display panels. This is accomplished by the WAC-07 receiving paged messages off air, storing them, and controlling their display on a number of Bestlite display panels which are hardwired to the WAC-07 using RS485.



  • Control of up to 16 displays.
  • 4 radio cap-codes for each display.
  • Priority filtering for each display.
  • Watchdog for detecting system failure.
  • 2 Relay contacts, for signaling emergency or fault conditions to an external device.
  • Hardwired message clear input.
  • Selection of 9 sounds, 4 colours, and 4 display modes for each priority level.
  • 5 message priority levels.
  • Fully configurable using on screen menu and push buttons.
  • Standard Frequency 148.3375Mhz (other frequencies upon request)
  • Option for 16 or 32 input canned message board.

This VHF band paging controller provides individual control of up to 16 BestLite2 displays. Each display can be programmed with up to 4 cap-codes and priority filtering, meaning that you can allocate high priority messages only to go to certain displays. Set-up is performed directly with an on-board LCD screen.  Clift Innovations provide you with these Wireless Annunciator Controller, compatible with the Bestlite Displays.  Our 33 years of being in business has enhanced our knowledge of providing equipment suited best for hospital and aged care. This Wireless Annunciator Controller, WAC07 helps in storing wireless messages and displaying them as required.

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