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Graphics of all kinds are essential for your company’s marketing strategy plan. Why? Because people need reminders, and visual graphics seem to be one of the best kind. Graphics can remind people that they need to check out your product or service line. If you have a great hook line or company motto, putting it on a photo or graphic design, then sharing it via social media on several occasions reminds your clients and customers they need to check out what you offer. People are more inclined to see images and remember them over even the simplest call-to-action words. And if you make that graphic clickable – let it take them right to your website – then you are on top of the game.

Did you catch that “tip-inside-a-tip”? Share it multiple times. You don’t want to share it on all of your social media channels twice a day or even every day for a week, but sharing it occasionally in case people miss it the first time helps keep them informed. Also, sharing something multiple times allows followers the opportunity to share it with their friends. There, you met two goals in one!

Another option for your image and graphic use is to showcase a specific product or service. And if a graphic contains a little helpful information about that specific product or service, it will entice them to want to learn even more. You can tell your clients and customers two things by doing this. First, you show them the great product or service you offer right within that email, tweet, or post. Second, you give them a tad bit of info about it right on the graphic that makes them want to click. Be sure to make that image link to the product so the client knows you are ready for their business.

You might also consider using infographics in your blog posts and other informative websites. An infographic is a visual image such as a chart or diagram used to represent information or data. They are most often used to show a large amount of information in a quick way.



One last tip on using graphic images on your website is to make sure your logo is memorable and reusable. Does it accurately represent what you can do for your clients and customers? Can it be used on other sites like blogs, social media sites, news sites, and affiliate sites? Never forget your brand is the way your customer perceives you, and your logo is usually the first thing they see. Make sure the size and other attributes make your company shine!

People will remember your company simply by the eye candy you give them. It’s a “visual jingle.” As long as your images support your brand, you can’t go wrong using graphics. Strategy LLC can design the graphics you need to stay ahead in your marketing plan… and the competition! Contact us today to inquire.



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