Tattoo Background Designs

Tattoo is a popular body art that has been used for centuries, ever since the Neolithic times. Some were used just for adornment while others were used to indicate status. Tattoos were also used in healing rituals, as religion symbolisms as well as a form of punishment.

Simple line designs with intricate patterns, the range of tattoos rode imagination based on cultures and regions across the world. As the world grew closer with invasions and explorations, traditions and arts reached from one corner of the world to another and soon became a part of fashion.

The use of tattoo as body art, which had become taboo among “educated” and people of higher status, gradually took a bend and spread to mainstream from bikers, gang members and sailors. Couture minded men and women soon preferred to show off their inked body parts as a part of their fashion and style.

The modern era is using tattoo not only for decorating their body, but also as effective backgrounds for banners, wallpapers in living spaces, studios, galleries and anywhere. Be it in sepia, monochrome or in bright colors, tattoo backgrounds are creative and can shout out your ideas louder than any slogans or banners.




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