Stay in Shape- Body Slimming Service in Georgetown

No one likes those extra flabs of fat on their bodies. Lack of exercise, lack of a healthy diet as well as other hormonal misbalance can cause the extra inches, leaving you out of shape and badly toned. If you want to fit into your old dresses without the extra bulges peeping out from here and there, come for body slimming sessions at Qi Spa.  Body slimming and body shaping can help you boost your self-confidence and self-esteem.

We are a reputed name in Georgetown. Located in the heart of the city among a plush residential area Qi Spa is easy to locate. At the salon we have a trained team, who are well aware of the use of the body shaping and slimming machines and techniques that will help you to achieve the right curves.

There is a basic difference between body shaping and body slimming. Body shaping means contouring your body. It is a mere alteration of the shape of different areas of the body and is basically a temporary process. Body slimming on the other hand means inch loss. It in turn causes a loss of weight. You can maintain this weight with proper exercise and diet plan. Choose how many inches you want to lose- the number of sessions will depend on it.

We suggest that you consult your physician before getting a body slimming or shaping service, in case you are suffering from any medical conditions.

Qi Spa uses the following machines for body slimming and shaping:

  • Cold laser
  • Liposonic
  • Radio Frequency

We have complete and extensive knowledge about handling each machine and take care of your safety as our first priority.

The processes involved in the Qi Spa body shaping and slimming techniques are:

  • Lipo laser
  • Ultrasound/ liposonic
  • Radio frequency
  • Infrared sauna wrap

Minimum three sessions are required to see any effects. Avail the body slimming and body shaping package from Qi Spa and get attractive discounts.





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