Refresh Yourself At Georgetown Spa

Relieve your tension, refresh your spirits with the Beauty Spa services of Qi Spa in Georgetown. We are professionals who have been trained to give you the ultimate relaxing massage and treatments for your wellbeing. A perfectly performed spa service boosts blood flow in the system invigorates both mind and body.

At Qi Spa we are committed towards your wellbeing and happiness. We have a team of experienced estheticians who are continually trained in the latest techniques of Spa. Qi Spa is renowned name in Georgetown for giving the most effective Beauty Spa Services.

Schedule a beauty and wellness regime into your monthly work list. You deserve it. After the hours that you spend on your family and work, you need to be pampered to refresh yourself. A relaxing massage will not only do that, but can ease some of the stress and make you feel rejuvenated to handle your next set of workload.

Located conveniently in the heart of Georgetown which is a super busy commercial district- a beauty hub, fashion, arts, dining and entertainment area Qi Spa can be easily accessed by both the tourists and the locals.

Qi,pronounced as “chee” in Chinese denotes “ life force and energy” that is present in every individual. It is mentioned in Feng Shui that when this energy is in balance, a human being is at his best. Qi Spa employs this principale in its service and tries to harmonize the energies in your body with the help of our therapies.

The body oils and creams used in our Spa services are blended as per the same Feng Shui principles for optimum relaxation and beauty therapies. Trained and licensed we offer a friendly and pleasing ambience that will soothe your nerves and make you want to come back for more.

Book for a Qi Spa experience and feel happier and healthier than before. Get in touch with the experts at:

3106 M St, NW Washington, DC 20007

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