Migration Aid- Off to Australia

If you have plans to move to Australia, and is facing difficulties in understanding the immigration laws,  you should get in touch with a migration agent.

Australian immigration laws get amended very often. With terrorism and other crimes on the rise, the laws are getting stricter by the day, to protect the Australian citizens. It will be hard for you to keep up with the frequent changes. A good and reputed migration agent keeps himself aware of every recent update regarding Australian Immigration Laws and can help you prepare a straightforward application as per your unique situation, with high chances of success.

It is important to get an agent who is registered with MARA. Ask for their MARN- a seven digit registration number confirming that their activities are monitored by  Migration Agents Registration Authority. An individual who is not registered with MARA,  cannot provide any assistance with visa application in Australia. It is considered illegal.

Lakshya Migrations and IELTS Coaching- we are a team of registered migration agents providing with effective visa assistance in Melbourne. We sit with our clients and understand their situation the guide them through the entire application process. From deciding on which visa is best suited for them to the ultimate submission of the application, we handle everything efficiently.

Rohit and Ranbir, both registered migration agents, have the qualifications and the experience to offer you the most cost-effective service for visa application. They take care of every detail of your need and make sure that every document and information are included for the application to be successful.

If you are looking for a reputed and experienced migration agent in Melbourne, come to Lakshya Migrations and IELTS Coaching. Our facilities in the IELTS coaching has helped thousands of students and professionals to qualify in the IELTS Examination and meet their visa requirements. We help those who do not have the information, time or the efficiency in preparing a visa application.

  • We are affordable and reasonable in our rates.
  • We have high rates of success.
  • We have easy payment facilities.

For friendly and efficient visa application services, with updated knowledge of Australian Immigration Laws contact the best migration agent in Melbourne, Lakhshya Migration and IELTS Coaching.



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