Make your Mark with your Brochure

Eye catching brochures are an effective way to make your business stand out from the crowd. Invest time and creativity to build up your brochure in a way so that it showcases your exclusive services or products in a justified way and creates a lingering impact.

When you present the flyer of your company to a prospective customer the single piece of stationary should do the talking on your behalf. That is why it is important to get them done in an accurate and innovative way.

In this blog we have shared a few tips on how to design and create your company brochure in the right way.


Tip#1: Brand Boost

Remember the brochure is the representative of your company. Use your logo and make sure to use your company colors on the front page of the brochure as a continuity of your company. Its first impression will help to boost your brand in the mind of the viewer.



Tip #2: Be Color Conscious

Few simple yet bold colors can do the trick. Do not go overboard with your color palette, stick to two to three colors and make the impression. You can choose signature colors of your company or make a completely different template within the inner pages; it really does not matter as long as your logo is visible boldly on it. You can also use simple graphic designs, but make sure that they do not overpower the actual content of the material.


Tip #3: Desired Designs

Make your brochure match with the theme of your brand. An outlandish scheme with colorful animated graphics would not look appropriate, if your brand deals with practical services like real estate, similarly for a mobile game development company, a brochure designed austerely in monochromatic colors and minimal graphics would be as bad an investment.



Tip #4: Perfect Finish

The finishing of your brochure makes a huge impression on the status of your company. When you are investing in one, make sure that you choose a high quality material and get a professional finish to it. Surveys also show that people tend to hold a big brochure longer and read it through, than a small brochure with nondescript text. The favored standard size is 17”x 11”.


Tip #5: Image Power

A good content is something that hooks a reader to a brochure, and that does not mean just text. Use images and graphics to highlight the message that you want to put across. Photos grab attention, so make sure that your images are not blurry or pixilated, and are of high quality.



Tip#6: Shape and Hold

Unusual shapes attract and interests customers. Innovative and sophisticated designs can make your logo stand out. Apart from the shape of the brochure, innovative binding ways can make or break a company brochure. Eyelets and screws add on to the firmness of the material while ribbon and rubber bands provide a fun element.

Get professional aid in designing and printing your brochure. A good brochure designer will think outside the box and bring adequate creativity and technology to build a brochure that your customers would like to hold on to.



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