Logo Designing- Make your service provider, ask you these questions
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For an amateur it may seem as easy as cutting a cake, but there are a lot of minds wracking behind every successful logo!

Think of the Nike logo. Tiny, but the impression stays. It speaks for the brand. It attracts and impresses. It is iconic, unique and lasting.

Every company wants their logos to be symbolic, and so would you. The other things that should be given priority after focusing on the “impression” part are:

It should fit within your budget

It should fit into a small space

It should be highly flexible


As per the author of Designing Brand Identity (John Wiley and Sons, Inc., fourth edition, 2013). “To rise above the clutter, a symbol or a logo is the fastest communication known to man. It unlocks associations with your brand on sight, so it’s important to get it right the first time around”


Great logos are not easy to create. From the initial phases of designing to the final rollout, there are numerous ideas created and scrapped to finally decide on one.

Getting in touch with a creative agency that invests in good creative minds who can think fresh and unique is important here. So is their experience.

A reliable service provider will have the right questions in front of you, before they start working on logo designing for your company or brand.

Here is a list of questions that you should be asked while creating a company logo. (Well, of course not all of them, but this checklist might help)




The company name?

The year of its establishment?

How would you describe your business?

What was the motivation behind your company?

How would you describe your business in one word?

Who are your prime competitors?

What service/product does your brand provide?

What is the strength of your company?

What are the weaknesses of your company?

How big is the company?( in terms of employee/revenue)

What are the long term goals of the company?




What is the age group of your clients will you be catering to?

Who is your audience?

Are they gender specific?

Where are they located?

What is the average household income of the target audience?

Are you breaking into a new market? If yes, then why?

How would your customers describe your company?

How will the target audience find out about your company?

What are your plans regarding communicating with your audience?




What are the missions, visions and promise of your company?

Do you have any current logo?

What do you not like about your current logo?

Why do you want a new logo? What do you want it to accomplish?

What are the attributes that you want your audience to think when they see your logo?

Is it a traditional or a modern business?

Is it a personal or a corporate brand?

Is it a consumer or a trading business?

What are your color/font preferences and why?




What color do you prefer for your new logo, and why?

Where will you mainly use the logo- print media, web etc.?

Do you want to keep any part of your existing logo, if so why?

What, in your opinion will be a successful logo?

Do you want to include any particular words, icons, etc. in the logo?




Do you have any budget for your logo design?

How many changes or concepts are you seeking?

Do you have any set deadline?

Who will be giving the feedbacks and approvals?

Is there any other third-party involved in the process?

Is there anything else that we need to know about your business?

Every brand has to have its own personality. If your business does not have one, get it developed as early as possible. Create an effective logo that will create impressions and stay in your customers’ minds forever.


Logo designs


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