How Video Monitoring Improves Security

People not involved in retail business, make the mistake of assuming that video monitoring is not so important for them. It is definitely a wrong notion. A proper video surveillance is required for every business to avoid employee thefts and reduce false claims.

Suspicious activity of an employee can be easily detected and even avoided with the existence of video cameras. It can also be useful for assessing employee productivity and his/ her activities within the floor.

Another false belief is, that video surveillance is expensive. The development in technology has reduced the size of video cameras considerably and lessened the intricacies installation and handling them.

Here we will discuss the importance of video monitoring to make secure a business and its positive impacts.


  1. Avoid losses:

Video monitoring helps to avoid employee theft and reclaim losses. Whether in warehouses, or hotels, or a corporate firm, it is possible that you can have an employee or employees who are not so virtuous. In a hotel room often the guests get scrupulous enough to steal towels and linens! These small thefts can mount to a considerable value if continued for a long term. Having surveillance cameras installed at strategic places can help you avoid these. Regular monitoring helps to identify the defaulter and take necessary steps. Furthermore, supplying the video clips to the insurance company helps is reclaiming the losses.


  1. Increase employee productivity:


The presence of a camera makes the employees aware of spending their time effectively. Having cameras installed over a group of cubicles or overseeing bays helps you to monitor the ideal hours spend and sudden absence. But you need to make sure you do not trespass into their privacy. Avoid cameras in the bathrooms. Having cameras installed in common rooms and canteens also helps to monitor any undesired group activity within the office premises. It helps to improve employee productivity and inevitably, your business.


  1. Avoid felonies:


Having video surveillance cameras monitoring your business premise 24/7, helps to avoid burglaries and break-ins. We all have valuable assets within our office premises. A robbery can cause heavy damages to a business, even leading it to bankruptcy. Getting your business premise video monitored from the exterior as well as interior helps in avoiding these crimes.


  1. Get protected from false claims:


Accidents are unavoidable, but false claims can surely be avoided. Often employees meet with an accident outside their working premises, maybe while coming or going from work. But they claim compensation from their companies. Video monitoring within the premises can help you mitigate any litigations with the insurance companies. It saves a lot of harassment and disputes too. You just need to give the video clips of the day the employee met with the accident, and prove whether it had actually occurred on-site or outside it.

It is quite clear now that video monitoring is an essential function in a business, redundant of the kind of trade or industry it involves. From protection or assets, increase of productivity, or avoiding discrepancies surveillance plays an important role. Development in surveillance technology now allows you to monitor your employee activities even when you are not present on-site. The facility of monitoring is now accessed on any device, anywhere in the world, via network. It connects the security system present on-site with your system on your smart phone or your personal computer at home. And last but certainly not the least, video monitoring lowers insurance cost too.


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