How to Apply For A Student Visa In Australia

After counseling is over and the course and an academic institution has been decided, the application for a Student Visa has to be obtained to study overseas.

You can choose to apply directly or can choose a Migration Agent in Australia to help and guide you through the procedure. Many Australian Institutions work in collaboration with these migration agents and searching through the website of your chosen institution can lead you directly to one.


  1. Several documents need to be submitted in the process of applying for a student visa. These depend and vary according to the course and the institution you have opted for. Some of the essential documents are:
  • Previous educational qualifications
  • Proof of qualifying the English Language Requirement
  • Certificates or documents verifying the past study or work experience, in English.
  • Your Letter of Offer.


  1. If your application is accepted, you will receive a Letter Of Offer, which must be duly signed and returned to the institution, as a mark of acceptance of the offer. It serves as a contract between the institution and you.It should contain the detail regarding the course, course enrollment fees, and any refund in case to choose to discontinue.

Remember to:

  • Read the Letter of Offer thoroughly and understand all your rights and terms.
  • Do not accept the letter if you are not satisfied with the terms offered to you.
  • Keep a copy of the letter, in case of any future disputes.


  1. After acceptance of the offer, you need to pay the enrollment fees. This you can do by Telegraphic Transfer or Debit Debit system. You will receive a Electronic Confirmation Of Enrollment after your payment is cleared. The next step is visa application.


  1. Once the ECoC is obtained, you will need this detail to apply for your Student Visa through the Department Of Immigration and Citizen’s online application facility.


  1. You need to go through a medical test within 28 days of lodging your visa application. You need to visit a doctor approved by the Australian Government. A list of approved doctors can be found online. The doctor will send the report of your medical examination directly to the visa office.




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