How to accessorize a Black and White Dress

Monochromes allow a huge palette for accessorizing. Every wardrobe has to have outfit(s) in black and white. The advantage of wearing black and white is that it makes you look sleeker. If the outfit is tailor made to suit your body shape it can work wonders cutting down on the silhouette at the right places and highlighting them at favorable points.

Accessorizing black and white can be effective in two ways- either supplementing or complementing it. It is your personality and the event that you are about to attend that should determine how you would like to play with the colors. Formal or casual, the right accessories accentuates or underplays the impact of monochromes as per your choice.


Play With Colors

If you wish tame down the boldness of black and white in your choice of outfit, splash some colors in it.

A bright red light jacket or shrug draped over the shoulder would definitely create the right distraction off the monochromes, while complementing perfectly.

Neons like bright canary yellow or fuchsia pink are other effective highlights for black and white. They have a brightening effect and acts like a good buffer to the sobriety of your dress.

Purple, blues, greens are other complimentary colors that go well with black and white. Wear the right trinkets that are suitable for the occasion. The right spots of colors-vibrant hot pink on your ears or fingers, blues, indigos and greens on bags and shoes and even belts works wonders. Let your imagination play, it is your world out there.

Go Bold

If you do not want to take attention off from the bold contrast of black and white, accessorize with same colors- with a touch of gleam or matte. Black patent leather stilettoes or pumps coordinated with dresses or formal suits in black and white certainly create emphatic statements. You can also try the matte of charcoal to emphasize it. Neutral shades like cream, taupe,gery and beige are capable of bringing out the sophistication. Try teaming grey with your outfit, wear a cardinal red lipstick- walk out with pride; your life your rules.

Glam it up with Metals

Black and white can be coordinated with almost every kind of metals. Be it gold, silver and bronze. Balance the contrast of the extreme colors of a palette- black and white with a bold piece of metal. Be it as a big buckle of your belt, a shoe highlight, thin strands of chains around your neck or chandelier earrings- use it. Be the epicenter of attraction.

Add Textures

Accessorize your outfit by adding different material to it. Even in neutral shades, laces, satins and velvets adds to the layer of the outfit and accentuates it efficiently. You can also use texture on your carry-ons- a silk scarf, a lace shrug or a fur jacket. Charm to get your way.




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