Get Relief from Pain with Deep tissue massage

If you have chronic pain in certain areas of your body, you should try the Deep Tissue massage at Qi Spa.

We are a team of estheticians trained in the proper techniques of massages and know how to implement them focusing on the areas of your vulnerability.

Deep Tissue massage works on the deeper layers of muscles. Here compression and friction are used to loosen the tension in the muscles and enhance circulation.

A Deep Tissue massage is more invigorating and relaxing than any other massage techniques. Slower strokes and deeper pressure in given in the weakened area. The right amount of pressure breaks up the muscular and neural knots and enhances blood flow. It is both corrective and a therapeutic massage.

While having a Deep Tissue massage you are required to cooperate with your masseur. Let him/her know the pain points in your joints or muscles that should be treated with extra care. With the right amount of pressure and right pace of massage you will feel wonderful after it is over.

Experience a Deep Tissue massage in Georgetown at the Qi Spa. With the refreshing aroma of Earth Oil which is ideal for pampering strained muscles we calm and soothe the most tensed nerves and relax you in minutes.

We are a reputed name in Georgetown providing the most effective beauty and Spa treatments at the most affordable rates. Every one of our staff, are qualified and trained to provide the most relaxing massages and Spa treatments following the perfect technique. We strictly maintain high levels of cleanliness and hygiene at our salon. Full precautions are taken to maintain and protect your health.You will be asked to fill in a general form at the reception to mention any of your allergic conditions or health issues that we should know about before giving any the beauty and Spa services.

We have gift certificates facilities, avail one of our spa and massage services and gift one to your loved one. Each certificate is valid for 6 months and the value can be added.

The rates at Qi Spa for Deep Tissue massage are as follows:

  • 90 minutes – $145.00
  • 105 minutes – $175.00
  • 120 minutes- $200.00
  • 5×60 minutes – $475.00
  • 5×75 minutes – $600.00
  • 5×90 minutes – $725.00

We are open from Monday to Sunday, 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. Book a Deep Tissue massage with us and relax your tired mind and body. We are available just a phone call away.



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