Few mistakes to avoid, for the success of your e-commerce site


There’s a boom in online selling. Businesses, small or big, are opening their own online e-commerce store to capture market. It is giving them the advantage of reaching out to customers, globally 24/7 without any additional costs of sending mailers.

The only catch in this business, is however in its foundation, that is, its design. The success of an e-commerce business relies almost 80% on it designing. It is not a very simple process and there are quite a few things that needs taken into account while planning its layout.

While there are thousands of very common mistakes that result in the failure of an e-commerce site, here we are going to give you an idea of few. Avoiding them will help any online business to improve their customer experience hugely.




Insufficient product descriptions:

Online and offline shopping has a huge difference. Visiting a shoe store, you get to touch the product of your choice, get the feel, assess its quality and read the material available on the shoe box for any knowledge. But, when you are buying the same shoe online, this valuable interaction is definitely missing. Every customer looks for the specification of a product. He or she will shift to a different site if your store does not provide it. And unless, you are selling it at an unbelievably low price, he or she is likely to make the purchase, from your competitor’s site. Size, material, weight, and every other product relevant information is very important to be available for customer satisfaction.




Low Quality Image:

It is not wise enough to compromise on the quality of the images that you put up on your e-commerce site. It throws a very bad impression on the image of your company. Keep it simple and do not clutter the pages, with one product overlapping the other.  Post images  that are large and clear enough. Do not try to put up photos clicked by your daughter on her mobile phone, spend some money and get the photoshoot done by a professional. Another thing that is crucial to be kept in mind here, is consistency. If you are displaying a dress on a mannequin or a model, make sure that you do the same for a others too. A haphazard display, showcasing one on a table top, some on hangers, and the others on a model, creates a disturbed visual experience.




Complicated shopping process:

This is something that turns off almost every customer.  A shopping cart that is difficult to find, will drive most of the customers away from your site. Make sure that the “shopping cart” at your site, is prominently visible and preferably at the same place on every page. Also, keep your checking out process simple and user-friendly. The more steps that you put between selecting an item and checking out, the more chances you create for your customer to leave your site and shift elsewhere. Preferably, create a single page for the customers to check their order, fill in their billing information and finally a confirmation page to submit their order.




Not Mobile Friendly:

Make your e-commerce site a responsive one. With most of us using smartphones extensively, for any kind of shopping, it is important that customers get to interact with your site through mobile phones and tablets along with desktops. The more responsive and user friendly it is, the higher traffic it attracts and higher is its success.




Inadequate Site Search Engine:

Hardly anyone has the time to surf through the entire site to find what he or she is looking for. What your customers are looking for is a search engine which will lead them through the categories and filters for more refined searches. An ideal e-commerce site should have a search engine that lets the users to search by specific  keywords and then refine what they are looking for from the categories included in your site.


Building a business is a tough job and running it successfully is tougher. Small mistakes like these, which are often left ignored can jeopardize your whole effort. Take time to find out where your business is falling short, if there are any chances of improvement, and ensure that you are on the right track to get the sales that you are looking for.

Wish you success.





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