Epoxy Floor Coating- Strengthen the life of your concrete floors

River Rock Resurfacing at your service since 1986. We provide stone overlay and seamless concrete floor coatings for residential and commercial spaces. Our services are durable and aesthetically sound enough to bring about a refreshing change in your environment. If it is your patio that needs an overlay or your office entrance staircase that needs a makeover in Colorado, just give us a call. We will provide you with a free estimate of the service that you need.

One of the effective floor resurfacing services that we provide from River Rock Resurfacing is Epoxy floor coatings in Colorado. We are affordable and our rates are comparable with those who have earned equal repute like us. We also provide guidance for maintaining the coating and over lay work that we do. Epoxy flooring is a long lasting flooring option that is easy to maintain and are effective for high traffic areas.

What is Epoxy Floor Coating?

Epoxy is a mixture of resin and hardeners. This mixture is applied on a thin layer on floors to form a protective layer. Many types of material are incorporated in the mixture to create different types of floorings such as terrazzo epoxy flooring and graveled epoxy flooring etc. This kind of flooring is a popular option as dazzling effects can be created by adding and altering the materials.

Though it sounds easy but professionals should be appointed for immaculate application of the epoxy coating. It involves preparing the floor where the epoxy is to be coated. For safe and accurate epoxy floor coating in Colorado, River Rock Resurfacing is at your service. We offer sustainable options for epoxy floor coating.

We usually do epoxy floor coatings for all types of residential floors including kitchen, basement and patios, but for concrete floors we advise polyaspartic coating for longer durability especially in garage areas. River Rock Resurfacing will cover your entire residential area with epoxy coated flooring to give your house the perfect makeover that will last for years to come.

The commercial areas where we do epoxy floor coatings are:

  • Automotive Shop Floors
  • Showrooms
  • Exterior Concrete Pathways
  • Retail Floors
  • Restaurants
  • Medical Facilities
  • Commercial Spaces
  • Concrete Floor Paint and Epoxy Concrete Paint on Sidewalks



River Rock Resurfacing’s Epoxy Floor Coating Procedure involves two simple process:-

  1. Surface preparation (grinding and cleaning)
  2. Application of the epoxycoating


Floor coating with polyaspartics options includes color flakes with the polyasparticmix. It not only hides the damages of the floor, but also strengthens it considerably. The color adds to the brilliance and the shine of epoxy and also enables it to withstand heat.

This process involves:

–              Surface preparation of the floor

–              Application of the first coat of mix

–              Application of the second coat and spreading of the chips through the second coat

–              Flattening the chips by scrapping

–              Application of the finalpolyaspartic finishing coat


We also do Epoxy floor coatings and Polyaspartic Floor coating in Colorado, with Quartz instead of colored flakes. The benefits of quartz (which is just colored silica sand) are that-

  • It removes traction from floor and makes it less slippery
  • It gives a very clean and uniform look to the floor
  • It enhances the durability of the coating as well as the floor.

You have the option of choosing the color of the chips to match your home décor from the wide range of color options that we have for you. The categories of the color and flakes we have for polyaspartic and epoxy floor coating Colorado are:

  • Solid
  • Metallica
  • Mica
  • Quartz


The PROS AND CONS of epoxy and polyaspartic coatings are:

Polyaspartic – Faster drying times, better stain resistant

Epoxy – Slower drying times, less expensive.

Our rates for floor coating in Colorado are:

Epoxy – $4-7 per square foot

Polyaspartic – $5-9 per square foot

Choose River Rock Resurfacing for efficient polyaspartic and epoxy floor coating for your residence as well as your commercial area. We always pay optimum attention to quality of the products that we use and accuracy of application of the product.  You are assured of the best after sales service as we do our best to resolve, in case if anything goes wrong.


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