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Organizations, big and small, related to every other industry like finance, healthcare, telecommunication etc. are making considerable bulk of investment in an emergency power system and power monitoring to lower their operational costs and reduce interruption of service due to power disruption. They are also installing the monitoring system, to ensure proper utilization of energy and also to reduce functional costs.

The market is flooded with products that can monitor the power system within an organization. However, many of these products serve as power back-ups and fail to monitor, control and analyze the power quality. In many of the cases the facility executives in  the organizations lack the knowledge of potentiality of these power monitoring systems. Thus, most of the organizations are left in the dark regarding the product quality and the facility.

In the health care industry, power management is vital. An unnecessary power disruption can lead to tragic situations and can mean more than financial loss of the business.

An efficient power monitoring system is required to be merged with the integrated into the organization’s emergency response plan. The system is made to transfer the electrical load from the utility source to the hospital’s generators, and vice versa when the power system is back to normal.

In addition to this power transfer facility, the power monitoring systems allows the access of the staff to view the power status, via consoles. This saves a considerable amount of time that would be otherwise wasted on visiting various locations of the power meter. The alarm system of the monitor sets off in an emergency, paging the staffs about the source that need to be attended.

The power monitoring system is essential for estimating the total load of the organization. It provides the detail of energy consumption of every electrical equipment in the hospital.

Clift Innovation, provides with Energy Power Monitoring System for Hospitals. Our website facilitates online purchases of power monitoring system for efficient energy management in hospitals of Australia and New Zealand.

Our products help in reducing costs and real time monitoring of energy, independent of the service provider. They help in monitoring your real time costs for any part or the total of your energy bill. The power monitors of Clift Innovations are manufactured to produce 1 pulse for every 10 EH of energy consumed, and they really help you to cut on your costs. The added benefit of Clift’s power monitors in a hospital is that they do not intervene with the functioning of security systems, pacemaker, cell phone or other electronics equipment. Our engineers can provide you with guidance regarding installation and operation for each of our devices.

The Energy Power Monitoring System can be availed from Clift Innovation at as low as $ 100 AUD, and you can easily opt out after a 12 months data contract.

Get in touch with Clift Innovation, Australia, to know more about our power monitoring systems and other the electronic equipment for hospitals on sale online. To tap onto a powerful beginning of fortified health care enjoy our service.



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