Ear piercing is a prevalent vogue. In fact it has been one from centuries of years back in history. The urge to decorate one’s body with additional piercings and jewelry has touched every civilization of mankind. Some used it to mark their wealth and some to state their status in their community. Some tribes used piercing to mark possession and others used it mark important events in their lives.

These types of practices gradually died with development and modernization, but yet the fashion of body piercing remained, with ear piercing gaining a front foot for personal beautification. The process went through evolvement steadily. The focus was laid on safety and hygiene and making it less painful. Ear piercing and body piercing was accepted by the western culture and gained considerable popularity there.

The popularity of ear piercing over piercing other parts of the body reigned as ears are more visible and a larger variety of jewelry can be worn there. Cartilage and lobe piercing continues to be a fashion constant. For safe and painless ear piercing, visit Brass Scissors Hair Design. We are a compete beauty salon in the Peace Region of Dawson Creek. At Brass Scissors Hair Designs, we have the experience of 25 years of service and professional training for providing all types of services for boosting your beauty and maintaining it.

Choose Brass Scissors Hair Designs as your ear piercing salon. We provide painless ear piercing services and complete ear piercing care instructions for complete and quick healing. You will feel the positivity of ambience at Brass Scissors Hair Designs as soon as you walk in. We are a friendly team who will make you feel at home and get you stress free. The cleanliness and hygiene of our salon is bound to console you about your safety which is often absent at other obscure ear piercing shops.

The ear piercing prices at Brass Scissors Hair Designs are affordable. We have cute and beautiful studs at our salon for you to select from. The prices of the studs are additional.

Our Rates:

Lobe Piercing $10

Cartilage Piercing $10

Stay relaxed, enjoy the latest addition of your beautification and let our trained beauticians do their job. Ear piercing at Brass Scissors Hair Designs is completely safe and secure. Every piercing is completed with an antiseptic application and a thorough ear piercing care guide.



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