Don’t Know When to Hire a Residential Architect? Learn Here

Finalising the plan to build your home, is a decision that sparks of various other major thoughts that need serious contemplation.

First of all, your finances. Plan your budget well, so that you are able to complete the construction phase and then have some more for decoration and accessories. Keeps your plans in reign so that you do not go overboard, beyond your financial limit, to get a house and then go bankrupt.

The next thought would be whether to hire a residential architect or not. Although ‘house building’ looks simple, there are lots of formalities that need to be met. It is in fact quite a complex process that needs continuous monitoring.

A contractor will help you to build the house, supply labourers, read the plan and make them work accordingly.  But a residential architect’s work stretches far beyond just designing. His work starts right from the planning stage and ends with completion of the construction process.

Building a home involves a lot of people. Having a residential architect by your side ensures that you have a personal advocate. He will guide you to make the right decisions and provide you with professional advice for dealing with the rest of the team.

A residential architect will see to it that your design fits well within your budget without squashing your dreams. He will consider- your budget, the material available, your site position, before he designs the final plan. He will also help you to get the necessary permissions from the local council and get approval of the plan.

After the plan is approved, it is a part of a residential architect’s duty to float tenders and appoint the most suitable contractor. He then will make the contractor understand the plan and work in accordance with it, throughout the construction phase.

A residential architect is the bridge between the builder, the workers and you. He will communicate between all of you and come up with the most practical solutions of the problems that usually arise during construction of a building.

He will be by your side till the end of the project and be able to provide you with documentation of every phase.

In short a residential architect is your designer cum friend cum solicitor who helps you build your home from traces of a dream to a structure in reality.



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