Distressed Textures

There are three levels of distressed or grunge textures, namely- subtle, medium and heavy grunge. The amount of intensity can be customized as per needs and preference.

The distressed look or the grunge look takes you back to the times of Nirvana. The early 80’s where things were messy and heavy. From posters to toe rings, the labels on VHS tapes to the expressive graffitis- they were bold, chaotic, splayed with colors and were everywhere. This was a generation that innovated the distressed look back in style and set it in motion.

With the retro look and feel now in trend, the uses of distressed textures are also in vogue. They give support and realistic feel to the design being created, as opposed to the clean and the impractical feel of geometrical patterns and glossy backgrounds.

In the grunge palette, vibrant colors are avoided to emphasis on the effect of irregularity, unclean and worn out look. Colors like, brown, beige, gray, blacks are generally used for Texturing. The textures have the feel of scratches, tears, stain and spills, worn out edges, irregular frames, asymmetrical lines and more. However the skill of using distressed texture effectively, lies in using it to control so that it does not steal the focus of the subject.





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