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With energy costs rising there is more consumer awareness for the need to conserve electricity, and be able to select the most suitable service provider. Clift Innovations have designed a low cost power monitor that can provide the consumer with all the information about current power usage independently from the service provider. The power monitor is capable of measuring both consumed power and generated power. This is particularly useful for customers who have installed solar power generating equipment. With a cloud based server, customers will be able to make direct comparisons between the service providers, based on the standard tabulated data from each. The system operates without the need for any software or user application to access the data or to set up the installation.

All installations are internet connected and require access to the internet via a service provider.

The service provided is two tiered and consists of a Basic service, and a Premium service.

The Basic service uses a local server connected to the LAN. The data is then available on any browser connected to the LAN.

The Premium service uses a cloud based server (“Power Cloud”) and provides more information and comparison data. The Premium service requires a small monthly data subscription,


With a simple Basic installation the user is able to:


  1. Monitor energy consumption in either $ or Kwh in real time with a resolution down to 10 WH.
  2. Enter or update tabulated data on energy consumption costs, and buyback rates from the current service provider.
  3. Enter the normal billing periods.
  4. Display Consumption, or Consumption and Generation, for periods including:


Last hour, Last 24 hours, Last 30 days. Monthly Billing Cycles


  1. Display the current operating cost/hour.


Basic service description:

For the Basic service, the consumer can be connected to a LAN via any service provider and the data is available from any browser that is connected to the same network, thereby providing a wider reach for the data. There is no monthly subscription and can be accessed via any data plans from a internet service provider.



With the Premium installation the user is able to:


  1. Display all of the information in the Basic service above.
  2. Select any finish date and periods shown above.
  3. Access the information from anywhere in the world.
  4. Set high or low alert points and communicate those via text message or email.
  5. Provide instant comparisons as to what your Bill would be if you were to change your provider.
  6. Apply as a GROUP user to obtain brokerage services in negotiating better deals from the service providers.
  7. View advertising material from providers who advertise on the Power Cloud.

Premium service description:


The consumer needs a subscription of a monthly data plan for the Premium plan for a substantial amount. The server is connected to is a cloud based server – called Power Cloud and it provides a wider range of data – information related to power generation and consumption like billing cost, extended date range capability etc and can be accessed from across the world.




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