The modern and present marketing trend and business scenario, requires a personal approach. If you are thinking about procrastinating it, building relations and making friends, you will have your competitors reaching their peak, shouting down, how great your brand is and how wonderful you are.

Change your approach now. These tips will help you to humanize your brand and you need not be a rocket scientist for it. Begin now, begin from anywhere. Do not wait for perfection; see that little quirk that makes it look all the more perfect!

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  1. Be Original

It is important in the Social Media to show your original self. Avoid impersonating anyone like plague. Do not lie to impress, show your audience the real you.

  1. Be True.

People love the personal story telling. Share some of your own stories that will create empathy towards you. There is nothing wrong in sharing your vulnerabilities and show your struggles. Being honest with your honest gets you fans. People like to work with someone they can touch emotionally and share similar feelings with. Do not divulge the darkest secrets of your life, if they are too personal for public eyes, but being true and honest certainly draws more attention and lends a significant human touch.

  1. Be casual

Use everyday language to communicate with your readers. People join the Social Media more for entertainment. Talking business or technical language puts them off. Use witty one-liners and include personal thank you notes for that personal feeling.

  1. Be motivating

Highlight a story of your life that will motivate others in a positive way. Be an inspiration to others and make them believe in themselves. Let them know that there are brighter sides of life after the challenging times, and that they ought to feel happy with what they have and look forward to achieve more.

  1. Be Funny

Adding humor is one of the best ways to humanize marketing approach. Leading brands have used humor in their Social Media marketing and have been highly successful. Be cautious not to be hurting anyone while being funny. Infuse the right amount of information and keep a control and tickle those funny bones.

Humanizing your brand in Social Media creates a dedicated fan-following. Be creative enough to share personal, informative blog-posts that are not too technical, share photos, share witty updates video and welcome people. This will certainly give your business the right boost.

Social Media

Social Media


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