Celebrity: Bohemian Style

Go Boho is the mantra this fashion season. The relaxed look of this style statement is back again and with a considerable bang. The fluidity of materials used, the cut and the detailing, paired with adequate amount of bling makes it a popular trend.

This fashion was common among the hippies in early 60’s. Celebrities who were self-expressive and loved to create sensation, got out of the traditional fashion wardrobe and created an emphatic splash with their hippy style comfortable and yet fashionable clothing.

It lets you be unconventional and creative.

The “laid-backness” of bohemian style caught the fascination of trend-setting women like- Patti Smith, Charlotte Ramping, Joan Jett, Joni Mitchell and Pam Grier.

Though they flowed from different streams of life, Joni is a song writer and a painter, Patti- a renowned “punk poet’ of her times, Joan- who was famous for her bad-ass sense of rock music and Pam and Charlotte being the glamorous actress of their age they had one thing in common, their sense of style.

They were the rebels. They were bohemians.

Each had their trademark piece and set the hippy trend on the fashion magazines.

The craze continued.

There were enough baton holders to carry on this gypsy look- with crisp lines and casual patterns. The ‘triple f crowd’ (famous and fashion- forward) carried it forward sometimes emphatically and often ingeniously.

Big names like Sienna Miller and Jade Jagger (daughter of Sir Mick Jagger) starred the front pages of all fashion tabloids for their “bohemian dressing sense”. Sienna launched her own fashion label in 2007 which had evident threads of the 70’s inspired ethnic and folk fashion trend.

The boho- chic image was forwarded with élan by the likes of ZoeyDecanal and Kate Moss. Completed with tattoos and piercings, more and more celebrities chose this comfortable style of dressing which released the free spirits.

Cropped tops, long knitted socks, bandanas and other head gears, flared pants, overalls, peasant dresses and laced swimsuits- celebrities were spotted and clicked in their bohemian spurts of moments.

It did not even let the Duchess of Cambridge remain untouched. The head gear that she was spotted wearing on her wedding day with Prince William, was said to have a distinct boho impression by the fashion critics.

The rage still continues.

For Paris Hilton it seems to be as easy as breathing. The petite actress and socialite known for creating waves on the media has a definite boho sense of dressing. She carries every possible cut and flairs of bohemian dressing as if she is made for them. From ponchos to maxis, Paris indulged in the carefree look of the hippy style while ramp walking or shopping.

The other luminary names who often sport this 70’s look- whether it is the Sporty-Chic fashion, the Hippy-Chic fashion,the Punk- Chic Fashion, the casual Boho-Chic fashion, or the other 70’s inspired clothing are- Kim Kardashian, Vanessa Hudgens, Drew Barrymore, Naomi Campbell, Lady Gaga, Katy Gomes, Selena Gomez and almost every other names and faces that dazzles us on screens and billboards.

Not afraid to make their statement or carry their own attitude, these fashionistas have brought back the 70’s inspired look this season and like every time- with big cheers.



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