Calcium- An essential mineral during pregnancy

Calcium is one of the important minerals of a human body. Adequate calcium in your diet reduces the risks of hypertension and preeclampsia during pregnancy. Along with bone development, calcium is also essential for hormonal regulation, muscle and blood vessels contraction and nerve conduction. It is thus necessary to include calcium in your daily diet to maintain your health and that of the baby. The need for calcium for the growing fetus is very specific. It helps in the growth of the baby’s bones and teeth, healthy heart, nerves and muscles and develop normal cardiac rhythm and blood clotting abilities.  In case of deficiency of calcium the fetus develops itself, eroding the mother’s bones.

The recommended daily allowance of calcium for all women, pregnant or not is 1000 milligrams. Pregnant women do not need any excess amount of calcium, but it is very important that they get the entire recommended amount. However, if someone is carrying more than one fetus, the calcium intake has to be increased under proper guidance of a medical practitioner. Having regular doses of Vitamin D is also essential as this helps with calcium absorption.

The natural sources of calcium are: milk, cheese, yogurt, puddings and soya products, green vegetables like broccoli, and spinach, seafood, dried peas, and beans. Exposure to sunlight, eggs, fish, and fortified milk are the sources of Vitamin D.

Many obstetricians prescribe a daily dose of calcium pills during pregnancy. But as a calcium molecule is too large to be put in a bigger amount in a combination pill a general multivitamin pill includes only about 300 mg of calcium. Therefore the women who have lactose intolerance or consume low level of dairy products are prescribed calcium supplements in pregnancy.

Health drinks and health foods are found in dozen over the counter that contain a combination of minerals, vitamins and other nutrients. It is however necessary to look through their composition if the recommended amount of the nutrients is added so that they can be the perfect calcium supplements for pregnant women. Consult with your doctor if you have any other health issues and have doubts regarding the health drink of your choice. Do not consume any health food that contains added preservative or artificial colouring.

Health drinks like Mama Care is a safe and healthy drink for all pregnant women and lactating mothers. You can start taking Mama Care even when you are planning a pregnancy. Fortified with 26 essential nutrients it helps you and your baby considerably. Mama Care is your ideal pregnancy calcium supplement. Approved as the “Food for special medical purposes” in Australia, Mama Care contains 172 mg of calcium per serving and is the perfect calcium supplements for pregnant women.




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