Branding- How packaging helps- Part 2
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Packaging plays a vital role, in establishing your brand and keep its marked hold on the transient market place. There are companies that keep on changing or rather improving their packaging design when they see a decline or a stagnation in sales. In fact, packaging design, is recommended to be “refreshed” after regular intervals along with any changes in brand strategy.

To continue from the previous blogs where we have discussed a few points about the impact of packaging design on branding, here are some more:

Clear packaging clears clutter

Most of the famous brands, trending in the international brand, likes to keep their packaging design simple and clear. A crisp tag line, a clear image and font are an impressive way to lay emphasize with the product. The advantage of clear packaging is that the clarity draws the customer attention among the clutter.

Bold and uppercase fonts emphasizes the strength of a product. Alternately, casual fonts in lower case communicates a friendly approach. For luxury items, meant for high-end customers, italic and more stylized fonts work well.

Builds Relations

Building relationship with customers, help in business retention. A good packaging design helps in enlivening the buying experience of the customers and make them come back for more. Having clear, proper information is as important as a message promoting the value of the product on the package itself.

Impact of packaging on sales

The packaging design has a direct impact on the sales of a product. It gives you the ultimate opportunity to capture a customer’s attention. The appearance of the product, its attractiveness, has a huge influence on the minds of the decision makers. So consider your target audience before considering the design of the package of your product.

Functionality affects Sales

Any product, that is packaged awkwardly, is uncomfortable to hold and troublesome to carry and store will have a negative impact on the customers. Try not to go overboard will planning the design, be practical too. A strong protective packaging for fragile products, easy to carry packaging for heavy products and easy to open packaging for ready to eat items are some practical and practiced packaging options.

A successful brand must be able to create a distinct impression and be able to communicate the reason for its existence clearly to its viewers. Effective packaging makes it easy to see at a glance WHO, WHY and HOW it is associated with the lives of its customers. Finally, of course, the product has to deliver what is has promised to encourage and retain its growth.

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