Branding- How packaging designs helps- Part 1

Brand- as given in the Wikipedia is a name, term, design, symbol or other feature that distinguishes one sellers’ product from those of others.

The initial concept of branding came from Norway, where the farmers used hot branding iron to burn their livestock’ hides with their own distinctive symbols to distinguish them from the other’s cattle.

In the modern, fast pacing marketing trend, packaging is equivalent to branding and is being used with similar importance. A brand that stands apart from the rest sets itself apart from the rest of its competitors right from the initial phases. It gives a business an identity, a personality and creates an association in the audience minds.

An effective packaging offers brand recalling. A colorful and attractive packaging, with the right material, in the right texture, carrying the right message makes a product stand out and make ample impression in the customer minds, to be sought repeatedly.


Consistency enhances brand presence

Consistency matters for a related period of time. Uniformity in packaging design strengthens the online as well as in store presence of a product.

Reinforces Image and Individuality

Packaging is vital for building recognition. It almost acts as a trademark of the commodity. Packaging design

Builds brand identity

Increases saleability

Contributes to its marketability

Using a signature color, and icon, shape, texture and image a brand is created. Most of the world’s famous brands are identified through their packaging.

Used as a Promotional Tool

Packaging promotes a product. A character, emphasized in the design, can be used to tell a story about the product and lead people to think positively about it. A healthy looking kid, enjoying his share of biscuits, will say that the product inside is safe and tasty for children’s consumption.


Relevant information on the packaging itself, communicates with the customers of its benefits. Apart from the legally necessary information that is a must to be displayed on all products, specially eatables, (like the manufacturing date, expiry date, etc.), slogans and other useful tips helps the consumers to connect with the product even before they start using it. While considering the packaging design, consider

Ease of reading- information should be in an easy language for the benefit of the customers

Ease of locating- information should be searched easily to increase customer loyalty.

 Makes Difference

Many companies are now opting for environmentally friendly packaging material. Consumers are trending to choose products packaged with sustainable or recyclable material and associate these environmentally safe packaging as a mark of responsibility of the company itself. A little attention goes a long way and bring in loyalty for a product and hence business.


These are some of the main impacts of packaging on making your brand stand out among your competitors. We will be discussing a few more in the concluding part that follows.




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