Bohemian Chic – 70s Fashion Trend Is Back

Bohemian dressing are meant for them who do not like to be chained down and stereotyped. It is a prevailing fashion trend right from the 70’s which springs up after almost every five years.

To “Go Boho” means to go free. To exhale and inhale freely. To move freely. To live freely. To laugh freely. From the texture of the material used, the cut and the style, to the use of embellishments and prints– freedom and effortlessness is its ultimate statement.

Many envisage Bohemian dressing as a synonym for dressing like a beggar. Little do they know how chic it can be while imparting the right amount of comfort. With little customization Bohemian dressing is meant for all ages and shapes.

Spring- Summer 2015– bohemian dressing is back after lying dormant for a couple of years or a few more, much to the liking of the style gurus and the commoners as well. The advantage of this style is that it allows a wide variety of color, shape, texture and accessories to be incorporated with élan.

This season the designers are smoothening bohemian retro and peasant looks into formals as well. Wraparounds, jacket dresses and skirt and tops in suede is in vogue. The maxi dress- is also a popular trend in a wide variety of materials by top most designer brands.

Accentuate a crisp bohemian asymmetrical feminine jacket with a pair of high waist flared jeans folded at the bottom, team it with a pair of comfortable sneakers- it will make you a perfect boho chic for this season.

If you have an overtly curvy body you may not prefer a bohemian look, where the material and the straight cut emphasizes the silhouette further. To be in vogue, you can add in a few bohemian items to your wardrobe this season. Mix and match them with more fitted pieces to maintain your style. A kimono or a poncho styled top can go very well with your skinny jeans and keep you at par with the look of the season.

For those who are small built, bohemian fashion may seem a challenge as the straight cuts tend to envelope the petite figures. To be in stride with the fad, use accessories like high boots and chunky trinkets with your usual outfits.

The bohemian look for this season is the free combination of material like denim and chiffon with free fall styling like, asymmetrical hemlines, fringing, ruffles and frills.

You can go for the classic bloom prints of bohemian trend or for more trendy- prints of Japanese motifs.

Tailored feminine softness complemented by the ruggedness of solid material like the suede or supplemented further by the fluidity and transparency of lace and chiffon.

The classic khaki earthiness or the softness and playfulness of gingham print in pastel– it is a season for having fun and letting loose.

Accessorize with chunky baubles, platform shoes, geeky shades or wide brimmed hats with your pant suits, flared jeans, peasant blouses and overalls- choose to go bohemian and relax. Bohemian culture had been always in tune with global awareness. It incorporated the carefree and relaxed style of movement and material, in sync with the natural elements. With the allowance and indulgence of adding funky and chunky components in it, this style is always a fresh beginning after few years of attempted suavity. The timeless sophistication and the understated elegance of this style is forever evolving.







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