Blanket Boxes- Keep Things Organized

History of Blanket Boxes or Ottomans date backs to 1660. The early settlers used these wooden chests to store a lot more than just blankets. In fact, they stored almost all their valuable in these starkly crafted pieces of furniture. Gradual incorporation of crafting details and inlays made them more decorative.

Many homes have replaced blankets with cozy duvets, but have retained their blanket boxes. Bed linens, extra pillows, book side magazines and of course blankets are stored in these deep and wide useful boxes. They serve as a sitting space and even coffee table at the foot of your bed.

Plum Industries supply a range of Blanket Boxes, acquired from leading global furniture manufacturers. Padded with foam and upholstered to match your Bedhead and bedroom décor, these bedroom blanket boxes can add-on to the cosy charm of your bedroom and serve the purpose too.

Find a suitable blanket box from our online catalogue. If you cannot find one that you are looking for, give us a call with your specifications and details. We have an excellent network to find the right piece for you. Unique yet affordable, Plum Industries sells and delivers blanket boxes to Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, Adelaide and Brisbane Metro areas.



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