We at Clift Innovations, have come up with products that will highlight your facility- and literally so. The Bestlite display is the new state of the art multi colored display system that showcases messages and logos for any commercial establishment. Say what you intend to, and that too with style and lights and audio. The lighting display comes with additional features that can be used to suspend it from the ceiling, thereby eliminating any problem regarding occupying floor space.

The Bestlite display comes with the state of the art amplifiers that can be used for sound alerts that enhances your messages on the display. The sound and display enhance its utility and this can be a one stop solution for displaying messages and logos for any commercial environment, like hospitals.

The speaker that is inbuilt in the system is a step ahead of all display panel systems available in the market. The user can use serial cable for communicating with the display panel, there are two modes at which the panel operates- RS232 or RS485. It can be operated with a single connection from the computer using a single RS485 line. The Bestlite panel can also be operated using a radio link with the help of a WAC06 controller. The audio amplifier and the wide display range make it a favorite with our customers and have taken  our innovation to the next best level for display panels. The panel also comes with an integrated alert generation system that enhances its accessibility. Let us glance through few of its major features that make it a class apart from all the other display panels in the market:





  • The displays come with a multi-color LED display.
  • Comes with mounting hardware to suspend the unit from ceilings.
  • Has an integrated audio amplifier and speaker built into the unit for distributing alert sounds.
  • Communication with the device is via a serial cable.
  • Has integrated alert generation and addressability.
  • Can operate on a single RS485 line from the computer or with the radio link using the WAC06 controller



It is available in either single or double sided



Double:                       DS-50-16-2

Single:                         SS-50-16-2



  • Multi-Colored 50mm LED Display 16 characters long
  • Single or double sided
  • Proportional Character spacing
  • Addressable RS485 communication
  • Optional Radio Paging controller
  • Internal generation of industry standard Alert sounds
  • Volume of Alert sounds controllable over serial interface
  • Low voltage and Low Power (approx 12 watts)
  • Ergonomic sleek Aluminium housing hides cable connections
  • Ceiling brackets or optional tube suspension
  • Internal Audio Amplifier and Speakers
  • Australian Designed, built and approved N15684

Power Supply

  • Bestlite requires a 12V earthed power supply.
  • Single sided displays require 12V @ 1.5A
  • Double sided displays require 12V @ 3.5A

External Audio

Bestlite displays generate alert sounds internally via the data buss, however you can still use the external audio input for additional sounds. A single channel linear audio amplifier delivers 0.5Watt rms into a 57mm speaker. Double sided versions have a speaker on each side of the display

Data connection

Data may be either for RS232 for short distances up to 20m, or RS485 for up to 1Km. a. Data format is 9600,N,8,1. RS485 requires connection to A, B, and ground, RS232 requires connection only to Data and Ground.

Cabling:   For RS485 data use CAT 5 cable. Make sure you use a twisted pair for the A/B data lines. Always run 1 line only and terminate at the end with 120R.


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