Beautify your pool front with concrete resurfacing

Does your residential pool front need a makeover? Is your pathway concrete chipped and fading? Thinking about changing your patio décor? Call River Rock Resurfacing.
We give the best way out in handling damaged concrete repairs. Residential or commercial, big or small, indoors or outdoors – River Rock Resurfacing specializes in the finest quality concrete solutions.
River Rock Resurfacing has been in this business since 1986. We have gained knowledge and experience that has led us to improve ourselves in procuring the best methods and equipment for resurfacing any concrete surface. With our commitment towards 100% customer satisfaction, we at River Rock Resurfacing always ensure that we use premium quality of the materials used for custom stone resurfacing and creating stone overlays or for floor coatings. We also guarantee our services. In case you are dissatisfied with any of the two, we are prompt in resolving it. We are affordable. All our rates are in square foot and you will find it comparable with others.
River Rock Resurfacing for custom stone resurfacing of:
 Driveways
 Entryways
 Patios
 Porches
 Pool decks
 Walkways
 Commercial spaces
 Showrooms
Why do you need custom stone resurfacing?
All concrete floors shows their age over time and usage. Especially those lying outdoors are subject to exposure to heat, light, moisture and cold. They also lie vulnerable to damages like- cracks, scratches and discoloration. The faded, discolored and chipped pathways and floors depreciates the ambience. Reinstalling a concrete floor is time consuming and quite expensive. It is thus wiser to get the floors resurfaced.
The Benefits of Custom Stone Resurfacing:
• Extending the lifetime- being elastic to contraction and expansion, resurfaced floors less prone to cracks and chips and easier to repair
• Enhancing durability-resurfacing gets the floors tougher for high foot and vehicular traffic.
• Easy to maintain-being resistant to dust, grease and other common outdoor strainers, an epoxy resurfacing just needs a hose down to get it cleaned.
• Enhanced looks- with a wide range of colors to choose from and customized according to your choice.
• An inexpensive option- lesser than any concrete, tile, brick flooring
At River Rock Resurfacing a unique blend of natural stone, epoxy and resin is used for custom stone resurfacing. Beautiful natural stones are used with epoxy coating to create a pathway or floor that matches your dreams and desire. You get to choose from a wide category of colors and natural stones to match with the rest of the surroundings. It is an easy process that involves
 Preparation of the floor to be resurfaced
 Sealing the floor for water seepage
 Spreading the epoxy application
 Application of the second coat with natural stones
 Flattening of the stones
 Application of the final coat
Generally a custom stone resurfacing can be completed by a day’s time. You can use it by the next day to walk on and by two days it gets ready for driving.
Do not burn your pocket wasting money getting the old and damaged concrete floors removed and heaved away, get an easy makeover by custom stone resurfacing done by River Rock Resurfacing and see the magic!
We have our services for the enhancement of your concrete floors by resurfacing them in Denver, Colorado. In case you are located outside Denver, just give us a call and provide us with itinerant expenses and experience the thrill of watching the transformation of your damaged concrete floors.
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