A Makeover of your Garage Floor in Colorado

If you are looking for innovators for epoxy floor coatings in Denver, your search should end here. We at River Rock Resurfacing have proved ourselves to be the best in the Denver area ever since 1986. We are the pros in floor overlaying with natural stones and faultless floor coatings. We take up any kind of projects, be it residential or commercial in Denver, Colorado. Our customers over the years to whom we have served with floor coatings and overlays, vouch for our efficiency and affordability. We provide guarantee of the materials and service given by us. The floors coated by River Rock Resurfacing in and around Denver are scratch and stain resistant, durable and easy to maintain. River Rock Resurfacing has the perfect garage floor coating for you. All you need to do is give us a call.

We are not just service providers, we believe in creating impersonal relationships with all our customers. Our team will never misguide you for our benefit or profit, we offer the best feasible flooring solution, best suited for your space at the best affordable rates. We will also guide for maintaining your coated floors so that they last for long.

River Rock Resurfacing suggests that you get polyaspartic garage floor coating. Polyaspartic is a polymer floor coating which has several added advantages over normal epoxy floor coating. The main advantage of polyaspartic garage floor coating is that it requires very less drying time. You can get your garage coated during the day and park your car in at night. Another benefit of using poylaspartic mix as your garage floor coating is that it is more accommodating and flexible range for temperature and humidity levels. This means that it can endure more heat and moisture than epoxy. Polyaspartic coatings have higher resistance to chemicals, UV rays exposure and scratches than epoxy which makes it a better option for garage floor coating.

The process that River Rock Resurfacing uses for garage floor coating is simple and hassle free. We have the tools and knowledge for prompt and accurate garage floor coating that will last for years.  Our process involves:

  1. Surface preparation by chipping and clearing
  2. Application of the first coat mix
  3. Application of the second coat with the color flakes or quartz
  4. Flatteningthe chips by scrapping
  5. Application of the final finishing coat


Our responsibilities do not finish simply by providing floor coating for you. The material that we use are VOC free and completely safe for the environment. It helps in doing our duty in lessening the carbon footprint on Earth.




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